Success is 20% what you do and 80% what you eat!
START YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH STRATEGY with a phone consultation to understand your goals, schedule and current fitness level - complimentary and with no obligation. 

12-Week Personalized Workout:


  • CUSTOM TAILORED to your goals and lifestyle 

  • CONSTANTLY VARIED progressive programming evolves each week to keep your workouts fresh and your body guessing

  • LOG on the BE Fit App on your phone: workouts, nutrition and progress

  • MONTHLY CHECK-INs to make sure you’re on track and make adjustments as needed

  • WEEKLY PHONE CONSULTATIONS to keep you focused, motivated and on track




12-Week Personalized Nutrition:

  • CUSTOM MEAL PLAN - eat more of the foods that fuel you and understand what your body needs for optimal energy without storing fat

  • TIMING new habits with insights that will allow you to optimize results

  • SET and TRACK through the BE Fit APP

  • SAMPLE MEAL PLANS to set you up for future and long-term success.

  • WEEKLY PHONE CONSULTATIONS to review your nutrition log, make adjustments and keep you focused, motivated and on track.

We all have limited willpower.
Increase your chances of success with
professional strategies, accountability and advice.

We help women JUST LIKE YOU find more

ENERGY, STRENGTH, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION through personalized , nutrition and mindset training.


How you choose to leave your mark is up to you!


If you want to explore what is possible for you, please schedule a strategy call.


Jaclyn Smith

“If you want to see what your real potential is train with Danielle. She is very knowledgeable and it is obvious that coaching others to achieve their fitness goals is her passion. I was a runner and I participated in various workout classes for years but never really noticed significant results until I met Danielle. My eating habits have changed drastically and counting macros has gone from a “diet plan” to my new normal every day eating routine. The workouts are always different and very challenging which keeps me motivated. She is very personable and will take time to answer any of your questions. I am about to turn 40 and I cannot remember ever feeling this confident about my body.”

Ali Mickelson

I just want to thank you so much for everything.  I have learned an incredible amount about the content of food, what kinds of food are the best for me and how to shape my diet.  I look back at what I thought was “healthy eating” and I can’t believe how wrong I was. I have lost all my extra baby weight (plus some) and am on my way to my goal weight.  I am so glad that I contacted you and participated in the nutrition part of Be the Change!

Kelly Bauman

“I can’t say enough great things about Danielle and how supportive she’s been to me on my journey back to better health. When I started working out under her care, I was 30lbs overweight and dreading being judged for having not dropped my baby weight almost 2 years later.  Danielle has always been inviting, upbeat and encouraging. She is a true supporter of women and made me feel comfortable from the start.


Danielle also practices what advice she gives – she’s an incredible athlete, devoted Mom, and savvy business woman who understands the struggles of working women and mothers. Danielle pushed me to improve on all levels - whether it was joining a nutritional class to learn lifestyle changes instead of a fad diet or picking up a heavier kettlebell to build strength. There were multiple times that I wanted to give up because my results have been slower due to other health issues and Danielle would not allow me to quit.  


Today, I am almost to my goal weight, eating clean and feeling stronger than I ever did in my 20s and 30s. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Danielle’s support and guidance.”

- Kelly Bauman

Jenna Slocum

"If you already workout and watch what you eat, but simply can’t find that missing piece to having the body you want and deserve, Danielle Livak is your new best friend.


Her customized nutrition and workout plans, along with her ongoing guidance and support, have given me the confidence to know my goals are finally achievable when everything else seemed to fall short.


There is so much information out there – diets, classes, supplements – all claiming to help you lose weight and get fit that it can be overwhelming. The most invaluable service Danielle provides is specifics! Finally, I know exactly what I need to do to move that scale! It’s a game-changer."

Jennifer Anderson

“One year ago today this wimpy runner walked up Danielle Livak's driveway self-proclaiming my fitness weaknesses, strengths, and goals. I was scared to leave my wheelhouse of running where I had lived for years and where I had excelled, but aging weak muscles were showing themselves and as scared as I was I knew it was time to cross-train.


I cannot believe where I am today. While an adept runner and slight in frame, I could not even appropriately jump rope, lift much of anything with my upper arms, or properly grip a kettlebell. Yesterday, I used the 35 lb. weight for G2OH and last week I used the 36 lb. kettlebell for KB swings! I notice my acquired strength in my daily life...carrying bags of livestock feed, 5 gallon buckets of water, my 80 lb. child, or picking large items up from the ground.I have made so many friends on my path to strength and overall wellness and we have laughed, sweated, complained and worked our hineys off together.


I am SO grateful for Danielle, my life is greatly enriched physically, emotionally, and socially because of you. I don't even know how to appropriately say thank you. The best thing I can do is refer my friends with fitness goals to my friends with the means to help them reach those goals. Cheers - there are stronger days ahead!”

Kristen Dydecker

"I was a professional athlete for 10+ years and was in elite shape, but then I had kids. I lost most of the weight, but was unable to get rid of the final 10-15lbs. I worked out double time, thought I was eating healthy, but the weight wouldn't budge. That's when my friend and online personal trainer, (Danielle Livak) stepped in and helped me find my confidence again.


In 1 month I have lost 7 lbs, more than 1/2 my goal. It might not seem like much to some, but I have lost almost all the weight I wanted to lose in just 1 month, when I tried for YEARS to lose it.


I have more confidence, but most importantly I feel healthier. I am sleeping better at night, have no afternoon slumps, but body feels less achy and tired and I am not NEEDING that daily drink."

Dana Haywood

“On my 42nd birthday I decided I wanted to make a change. As I’ve gotten older I started feeling a general lack of energy and wasn’t as motivated to work out and eat right. I started working with Danielle doing nutrition and personal training. Within the very first week I felt a difference. After a month, I’d lost 8 pounds, started building healthy muscle and was feeling great. After seeing the progress I was making, my wife decided to join me on this fitness journey and together, with Danielle’s coaching and support, we’ve made a complete lifestyle change. In just three and a half months I’ve lost 27 pounds and have gotten stronger and healthier in the process. I feel better than I have in 20 years. My wife has lost 15 and ran her fastest half marathon with the help of Danielle’s challenging yet motivating workouts. We look forward to working out and seeing which program Danielle has put together for us. We look at food completely differently and make smart, nutritious choices that keep us satisfied. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to take the first step to getting healthy or need an extra push, I’d recommend calling Danielle. She will help you get on the right track.”

Kathryn Hunter

“After working with Danielle I quickly realized my cardio-only workouts were not yielding the results I desired. And being a mom of two little ones, utilizing the time available was an even greater challenge. When I did start working with Danielle I knew that was exactly what I needed to achieve my goals in both the way of time management and fitness results.


Danielle, especially made me feel right at home in regards to support, as well as coaching and challenging my effort. With Danielle's coaching, assured me that I’d be working out cost effectively. And to me, the cost of training is worth the investment to my health and increased level of fitness. Danielle has also provided many tips and advice to improve my nutrition and overall calorie intake regarding my daily diet selections. Her style is such that of encouraging, while also challenging status quo.


Throughout the course of this last year, I have found myself feeling much healthier and very satisfied with my improved fitness level. I would personally recommend Danielle as an option for any of those who find it difficult with optimizing the minimal time available for fitness in our daily rat-race of what we know as Thank you Danielle!”